Sheep v0.4A Patch Notes

Hello everyone!

Welcome to today's patch notes! Here is the full list of changes in Sheep! v0.4A:

- Added a new sheep: SP40A
- Added 5 new respective items for that sheep: Battery, Iron Block, Reverse Gravity, Teleporter (postponed)
- Added a new menu tab: Environments

- Changed the design and functionality of the build environment:
- Overhauled the building procedure:
- Users now select the block they want to place. Upon clicking on the block, it creates a grid and the user can place the chosen element. To exit the building mode, use ESC keyboard key
- Adjusted the functionality of the Bell and Eraser items to work with the new building procedure
- Removed the Grid Blocks toggle element
- Grid now automatically toggles upon placing the elemets
- Removed the Transparency Slider element
- Users can now edit the transparency with PageUp and PageDown keyboard keys
- Removed the Hide Menu element
- Users can now toggle the menu with the T keyboard key
- Users can now replay the tutorial by pressing the keyboard key R

- Fixed an issue where the sheep would be shot in a downwards direction when using the bell item
- Repositioned the Sheep in the animals tab to be a bit more centered
- Sheeps now always collide with the grass

- Removed the Coin from Puff Pong game
- You are now automatically awarded a coin for each 5 of score you achieve

- Fixed an issue in Puff Pong where the Sheep Ball would be size 1 if the Sheep size was greater than 3
- Sheeps can no longer collide with game preview images
- Players can now exit the Puff Pong game even if the Ball hasn't spawned yet
- Fixed an issue in the tutorial where the text was hidden behind the Sheep Details tab
- Fixed an issue where the Eraser block hasn't been able to delete blocks randomly
- Reduced the amount of seconds the sheep eats from 5 to 3

Known issues: SP40A Sheep can't preview stats. This will be fixed in the next update.

That is all for today's patch! If you already own the game you can download the upgraded version right now! If you don't there is a sale currently going on and you should go check it out!



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