Lyoko Security System - Patch Notes for v0.2A

Hello everyone!

Today a new update for LSS dropped and it features some cool new stuff I'm excited to share with you!

First off, the changes:

  • Visually redesigned the Launcher (it now is prettier and contains more space for new functions)
  • Changed the save button to close button in Launcher (getting rid of the save button, now you save commands separately)
  • Changed the Donate Launcher button to an "Update" is available launcher button (with our new premium launcher the donation button is going away,  but more on that later on in the post)
  • Changed the formula from which the speed of camera pan and sphere expansion rate is calculated, should come to around the same speed (or a bit slower but it will be additionally adjusted)

With that out of the way, lets go onto the actual new stuff:

  • Added an option for custom code input (this was something that was pretty requested upon release, and it only makes sense for a security program to have custom passwords)
  • Two new commands: Delete File and Delete Folder -When deleting larger files or directories this option may freeze your computer until the operation is complete. That is because the file deleting system is permanent and takes more time (also a requested feature, and it is made such that the files can't be recovered, so use this wisely)
  • Each code can now trigger a selectable color (with this option you can choose which color triggers upon entering the code in the console, is purely artistic)
  • Added a new 'Is Waytower' Checkbox - Currently only changes the main color of the tower upon loading and is a placeholder for future functions (note, this function will become pretty important in future updates, so it may or may not be permanent)

And for the finishing part of the patch changes, the stuff that was removed:

  • Removed the 'Lock PC until restarted' selectable option from the launcher (while I am very fond of this option, it simply made no sense in the way it was implemented, as it would cause bugs if the launcher wasn't running with the system - with that the option is removed and will come back redesigned in a future update)
  • As the update comes it will reset your launcher settings so be sure to adjust those before loading into the program! (this is something that will be avoided in the future but with the big changes in how the software acts it was unavoidable)

For the changes, that's about it! However, there is one thing left to explain before this is finished, and that is the introduction of premium! Upon designing the premium launcher, the key point was not to take away any major program functions from the free version. The premium is made so those that can and want to support me can while those that cannot can still enjoy my works! Enough going around the subjects, the changes between free and premium currently are:

Two codes for custom usage (Main Code and Alt Code 1)Four codes for custom usage (Main Code, Alt Code 1, Alt Code 2, Alt Code 3)
Two code colors to choose from (Blue and Red)Five code colors to choose from (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple)

As the updates progress, the premium will get more stuff on it. Once you purchase the premium one, you have it as long as the software goes through this system. 

And for the last thing, I'd like to announce that I'll be streaming myself working on this project and/or coding something else. I don't know the current dates but there will be a notification when it happens. On the stream I'll give away free links for premium versions of the software to random watchers so make sure you tune in if you are interested!

That's about it, thanks for reading!




Lyoko Security System Free v0.2A 17 MB
Aug 03, 2019
Lyoko Security System v0.2A 17 MB
Aug 03, 2019

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